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Directors, Writers, Producers 

Ricky Schroder, Kevin Haskin

On the morning of 13 July 2008, in Wanat, Afghanistan, nine American Soldiers were killed in action while fighting off over two-hundred insurgents armed with RPG's and automatic weapons, in the deadliest and bloodiest battle since the inception of Operation Enduring Freedom. Outmanned by a four-to-one ratio, 2nd Platoon Chosen Company, scarce on resources and proper intelligence surveillance, valiantly defended and endured the coordinated attack in close quarters combat for over four hours, forcing the withdrawal of the remaining insurgents and preventing Combat Outpost Kahler from being overrun. WANAT will be told through the eyes of young 1LT. Jonathan Brostrom, the 24-year-old Platoon Leader the Army holds responsible. 

If you would like to read the entire screenplay and receive a .pdf copy via email, please use the $9.99 Support button below.


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