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Council on Pornography Reform

The CPR Mission

At the Council on Pornography Reform (CPR), our mission is to promote a safer and more responsible digital landscape by advocating for comprehensive reforms in the realm of explicit adult content. We are dedicated to safeguarding individuals, particularly minors, from the potential harms associated with unrestricted access to explicit material.


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Our core objectives serve as guiding principles in this pursuit:

●  Separation of explicit adult content from commercial content: We strive to create a clear demarcation between explicit adult content and other commercial content on the internet. To achieve this, we advocate for the return of adult content to the .xxx domain, ensuring that users can easily distinguish adult material from mainstream content.

●  Age Verification before entering adult content sites: We are committed to protecting minors from exposure to explicit content. We support stringent age verification measures for individuals seeking access to adult-oriented websites, thereby ensuring that only adults with valid proof of age can access such material.

●  Differentiated Social Media Algorithms for Underage Children: Our goal is to establish distinct social media algorithms tailored for underage users. We advocate for safeguards that prevent adults from having instant and unsupervised access to underage individuals on social media platforms, protecting the well-being and privacy of minors.

●  Internet and Cellular Service Providers' Off Switch for Adult Content Sites: We believe in empowering individuals and families to control their online experiences. To this end, we endorse the implementation of off switches by internet and cellular service providers, allowing users to easily block access to adult content sites as per their preferences.

●  A.I. Standards and Procedures for Adult Content: CPR advocates for the development and enforcement of robust artificial intelligence standards and procedures concerning adult content. These standards ensure responsible creation, marketing, and distribution of adult material, addressing concerns related to age-appropriate content and mitigating potential harm.

In pursuit of these objectives, the Council on Pornography Reform (CPR) works collaboratively with stakeholders, policymakers, technology providers, and civil society to create a digital environment that upholds values of safety, responsibility, and respect for individual rights. Together, we aim to strike a balance between the freedom of choice and the protection of vulnerable populations, fostering a more informed and responsible digital society.

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